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Fourth of July 4 Day Holiday Feels Like Playing Hooky

I always feel - slightly sneeky about 4 day holidays- I think it must have something to do with Playing Hooky from school. I hug that time to myself, and also think of all the other people who are planning on leaving town, or having dinner parties, cranking up the BBQ.... and it delights me that so many of us can have a 4 day weekend.

July 4th falls on a Thursday this year correct? So whose going to go to work on Friday? WhoooTTT WooOOt!

What are you doing? I went to our local bookstore - had a 20% off weekend sale- and I will share what I got for my summer Art Look Book.

Never heard of this artist, I don't paint or illustrate like this, but Lordy! Do I love LOOKING at it, it's like Audubon Illustrations.

Lucious, fertile, saturated with color, masterful renderings. I haven't even really looked at it yet, I am hugging it to myself for this coming weekend vacay.

Oh for the Love of Books! Aren't we lucky to have so many artists, from so many countries, offering up their gifts in images? We get to choose what images we want to live into, and this summer, I am introducing Walton Ford into my world.