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Soul Retrieval Healing 2022

I received a soul retrieval by Sandy Ingerman in the desert in the 90's. I was very curious to see what might happen. Soul retrieval (SR) was new in the Western world as Sandy was rediscovering this ancient technique of healing.

A month after SR I had a BIG Dream and it showed me "pictures" of my future (although I did not Know that until these events happened in "real time." The BDdream also verified elements Sandy saw on her SR journey for me. (!!!!) Sure enough, my life integrated and I later went to grad school.

Now you may say what's so big about that? Well, I wanted to go to grad school for apprx. 14 years and couldn't do it. Was it low self-esteem? lack of funds? a loss of vital soul essence? Have people around me telling me I didn't "have it" to be a good student? So Pain-filled.

Within a year of that SR I was in Antioch Uni. for psych@communications, and in line to go to Pacifica Grad. And just before this New Life began I had another dream...

DM " I am standing in front of a woman holding a suitcase... I look at her, she looks at me. The air is filled with Portent. She says to me, " Are you going to grad school? I reply, "Yes."

She says adamantly, "If you go to grad school, I am leaving!" I nod my head. end of dream

Question to all of you... WHO LEFT? Aspect of self? There are many ways to delve into that, psychological, archetypal, shamanic, religious.... but I did go on to graduate and had another Big Dream to go to JFK arts and consciousness program. And all those "pictures" of the future I saw in my SR integration dream came to reality. They were not always pleasant but they made me, in a certain way, a warrior with an ability to stand up to life.

I am a shamanic practitioner and love the healing that comes in soul retrieval work. I've witnessed deep transformations and personal healings over the years.

In times past, the shaman did the healing for the suffering soul, Now, however, I think in our times now we must take more of an active role in our own healing. We have to understand our life choices, actions and the consequences within the unfolding of our life stories. Then a soul retrieval healing can take place.

If you want to know more about SR I have case studies up online here: If you are interested in SR work I offer a free consultation.... enjoy !