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SantaBarbara California

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Time for a Change? 

inner-Work LifeCoaching

Artist? Nab How to Start a Sacred Art Practice ebook!

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 You Can Create the Life of your Dreams

Who am I Becoming?

What am I passionate about?

What do I want to do?

Will it be worthwhile?

Will it benefit myself and others?

A Year of My Becoming

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12 Monthly Payments of $150 



12 months of 1 hour private sessions - one per month)
Change takes time, this process is for those who are committed to their transformation;  working with me once a month  for one year. I have witnessed profound realizations and deep clarity as they drop the old while creating a new life. There are a limited amount of spots available each year; an application and year-long commitment are required.


One Time Annual Payment  

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Ways of Working with me

3 Month Liberate Program 


Feeling Stuck, Overwhelmed, Frustrated or Anxious?   Need an emotional tune-up?  Book your Liberate weekly 1-1 hourly sessions for 3 months.

Need some help to get over the I-don't-Know-What-I-am-Doing hump? Reframe obstacles into creative possibilities? Identify habits that limit you, and let go of them, to create space for something New to Arrive? Create an Action plan to implement Your Liberation!

3 Months: 3 Payments of $600 

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 1 Payment

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Kristena works with men and women who want to

re-orient towards a healthier lifestyle.  She combines psychological, emotional, creative and spiritual disciplines towards your renewal. 


Need a mental tune-up? How are you doing?

Let's Get to Work. 

$125 hour 

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Free Consultation


You can let go of the old

by identifying patterns to dissolve

and create positive goals 

and live the life of your Dreams

Picnic by the Lake

Working with Kristena changed my life!  I am a research scientist and we worked together weekly for three years and long-distance after I moved abroad. She encourages self-reliance and is warm hearted and helped me through a tough personal patch. I am a stronger woman, and with Kristena's support,  more artistic too!

Daphne - Berlin

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Meet Kristena West M.A.

A life long artist, dreamer and community arts instructor,  Kristena is a teacher of men and women's groups. She is passionate about igniting creativity, self-discovery and  sharing wisdom, tools and sacred practices to so you can choose a healthy more creative lifestyle.

Kristena West is known for her unique perspective on inner work, which she defines as the process of exploring and transforming oneself on a deep psychological and spiritual level. Her teaching style combines a blend of introspection, personal anecdotes, and practical guidance, offering client and or readers a holistic approach to self-discovery and personal development.


Kristena emphasizes the importance of delving into one's inner landscape, exploring the deeper story, and understanding the underlying patterns and beliefs that shape our experiences and behaviors. She encourages us to engage in practices such as meditation, journaling, and creativity as self-reflection tools of inquiry, exploration and healing.


One notable aspect of Kristena's teaching is her ability to communicate complex psychological concepts in a clear and accessible manner. She often uses relatable language and relays her own experiences to illustrate her points, making her work relatable and engaging for readers of various backgrounds.

Moreover, West's writing reflects her deep compassion and understanding for the human experience. She acknowledges the challenges and struggles that individuals face while embarking on the inner work journey, and she provides gentle guidance and support throughout her teaching and writing. Her style is both compassionate and empowering, inspiring students or readers to embrace self-acceptance, cultivate inner resilience, and create positive change in their lives.

Overall, Kristena combines introspection, personal anecdotes, and practical guidance, creating a relatable and compassionate approach to inner work. Her work serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking self-discovery, personal growth, and spiritual transformation.

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