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New Year Nova Vita -New Life

Hello friends, hopefully today you are with family, a fire crackling in the background, kids and dogs or cats sprawled around. In my day there would be Archie and Veronica comic books, cups of tea and lots of books. Or you might be taking off jackets from a brisk walk...and heading for the hot chocolate and glad to be home. Mostly we are relieved to be in a New Year.

I am in the last week of Holy Nights where I do tuck into my home, take walks, talk with friends and do some art, my new year begins January 7th. So still in the are some small sketches of Olaf Asteson in his Holy Night wanderings and adventures.

I have redesigned my life, work and creative practice. There's been such a rich response to my podcasts, I am back to teaching art & coaching small groups and private clients. My goal is to bring more hope into the world sharing stories of transformation through our human capacity fo resilience.

I want to invite you to join my Free Facebook Group Let's Get Creative

please share art, writing, ponderings, thoughts, poems, wanderings...

You must be wondering Who are You Now? What are You going to do differently this year? It's a question on our minds.

Thank you for joining the art tribe and let's Get Creative together!

all the best kristena west