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HappY APRiL FoOLs!

heeeeheee below is an image...did u click it? the Video is the 2d image below click that!

What a Wild Ride the last few years has been! I moved, not once but Twice! far away from my beloved Santa Barbara into colder climes.

But I have been very very busy! I have new programs, classes and starting a membership for art@soul with a deep dive into women's mysteries and wisdom.

But for now- here is one of my FAVORITE DAYS APRIL FOOLS videos!

The question to YOU dear Reader - is "HOW IS YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR DOING?"

Being able to laugh AT OURSELVES! and others (gently does it) releases simply tons of tensions, reaffirms We are ALIVE! and generates good endorphins.

Video above...

You can rate your current state of personality, somatic and emotional by taking a snapshot of the state of your you have a sense of humor anymore?

I have to admit 2023 was not a fun-ny year for me personally. The world does what the world always does, war, grief, death, tragedy and far too much information waaaay too fast. Humor can go sour and become bitter, bitting and sarcastic. And that is just plain old anger turned outwards or inwards.

But at a certain point the tension we are holding at bay and the suffering can become UNBEARABLE and you know what? No one can understand, relate or offer solace, and you/we are all alone.

This is when some final straw that breaks the camels proverbial back SNAPS and it all just becomes Ridiculous! There is a great Relief of simply allowing WHAT IS and not "reframing" it in positive modalities or banalities? The positive psychological upbeat sentences and we let go, ALLOWING, taking a deep breath and LETTING GO.

ADMITING...THIS! is what is.

Self nurturing comfort is what we all really need at times like lanes, fresh air, swimming, sea side walks, sitting in the sun, looking out over a vista - there, there at the far distant goes on and on.

In the story of Parcival he gets lost in a dark forest (a nod to Dante in the future there) and Parcival HATES GOD.

Well! There it is in plain olde English. This is the well-known Dark Night (KNight) of the Soul --- when all the tools, techniques, well worn bibles, sacred texts and prayers turn to dust in the mouth...ashes and soot of our life up to now.

Percival Artist: Alberto Otero Herranz  Museo Nacional del Prado

The dissolution of the olde takes time, a day can seem an eternity of sorrow and suffering. But in the stream of time, something arises, somewhere in our lives, a door opens in some area in the dark, a space for us is created and we can choose to open a new door.

The great Christin mystic Jacob Boehem tells us For it is the young tree grown out of the old root which shall illuminate what the old tree has been in its wonders.”

Jacob Boehem

If you can relate to the Dark Night, hang in there friend, this too shall pass.