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Becoming Sophia
May -Taurus

balance becomes progress

Welcome Creatives! 

To the beginning of this new bold journey dedicated to aligning with our own Wisdom and creating the life of our dreams. 

Once a month, under the guiding light of the celestial heavens, we shall convene to explore the benefits of the zodiac, each sign bearing its own unique virtues and wisdom. Through lively discussions and contemplative reflections, we shall unravel the mysteries of the stars and uncover the hidden truths that lie within. I hope Becoming Sophia is your digital oasis where you can connect with fellow travelers, share insights, and bask in the warm glow of community. Welcome, dear ones, to "Becoming Sophia," where the journey of self-discovery unfolds in harmony with the rhythms of the cosmos, and the radiant light of your inner Sophia shines bright.

Every month we start with a Zodiac Sign and it corresponding Virtue. Let's dive in: 

May is Taurus.

The virtue or strength of Taurus is "Equilibrium" Balance becomes progress" 


One of the easiest ways to work with virtues, is to look at definition of equilibrium: composure, calmness, calm, equanimity, collectedness, sangfroid, 

coolness; steadiness, stability, level headedness, coolheadedness, 

imperturbability, poise, presence of mind; self-possession, self-control, self-command; impassiveness, impassivity, unexcitability, placidity, placidness, tranquility, serenity; informal cool, unflappability.

We all recognize when we are in-alignment with life! It's called by many names, being in-the-flow, in the groove, tubing the cosmic wave (my slogan), right-place-at-right-time, synchronicity. Some folks call being in-balance or Peaceful. Quiet on the inside & outside, not alot of flight or fight. We have learned  how to adapt to lifes lessons and challenges. 

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Image by averie woodard
Image by Christopher Campbell

The opposite of balance is out of balance. Here are some words to describe off-balance: unstable, rocky, wobbly, wobbling, rickety, shaky, shaking, tottery, tottering, teetering, unsafe, unbalanced, unreliable, insecure, not secure, unfastened, movable, precarious; dizzy, lightheaded, faint, 

weak-kneed, weak at the knees, groggy, punch-drunk; feeble, faltering, doddery, doddering; tentative, nervous, timid, hesitant; informal trembly, all of a quiver, teetery, (with legs) like jelly; rare vertiginous. Being balanced or unbalanced can be seen as Out of Control. 

what if you haven't figured out how to attain balanced emotional state?

I have been using Rudolf Steiner's 5 basic exercises for years. A group of us met for 3.5 years 15 minutes a day to choose one of the 6 meditations; control of thoughts, control of actions, patience and tenacity, tolerance, faith, and equanimity. The 6 basic exercises are inspired by Buddha 8-fold path. These are daily mindfulness practices that help align our emotions, thoughts and actions - all three thinking, feeling & willing need cultivation. 

Lets just pick one; lets choose control of "feeling" as sometimes we get triggered by something and we are off in fight-flight-retreat-withdraw mode...this is because of our emotional response to what just happened, and we are off-balance. 

We all know what's its like to sit for meditation, our MIND suddenly springs to life with monkey mind! Our emotional life is woven into the warp and woof of our thoughts. We are the tapestry we have woven over the course of our lives through our thoughts, our feelings and actions or will life. We all know how difficult it is to clear an overgrown garden, and we can picture ourselves as an overgrown garden- some fruits and flowers there, some thorny patches over there. Cultivating the Virtues through mindfulness meditations is planting a herb garden in a cleared space. 




No. 3 - Equanimity

The third exercise is the development of trying to achieve balance between joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, the heights of pleasure and the depths of despair. Its what Carlos Casteneda might  call "not doings."


Strive for a balanced mood. An attempt should be made not to become triggered into becoming annoyed or angry,  anxious or fearful.  And not to be overcome by joy or sorrow. In a situation, try to take moment to identify your emotions and if you are having BIG feelings- where is the middle way? 

We can always try to maintain your composure. This leads to an inner tranquillity and calmer feelings of the soul. This exercise does not diminish feelings, it enhances our capacity for a richer feeling life. 




How do Becoming Sophia Creative Arts members  Meet?
-online classroom& private Facebook group  


• Can Men also Join Becoming Sophia?

-YES! ABSOLUTELY! Becoming Sophia is the journey to align with YOUR internal wisdom- it's not gender specific Women & Men are welcome!

In the 90's - Kristena's women's group was called WOMANSPIRIT and the men's group was called JOURNEY TO THE SACRED MALE.  


• Can I log in from Australia? And from Europe when I am traveling?
-Yes! Each Monthly Zodiac & Virtue is pre-recorded & posted once a month with Weekly art, writing & dream prompts.  

• What do I need for art supplies? 
-What you have around the house-a childs watercolor set, pens, pencils & markers paper, and a journal to write down your ah-Hahs! and dreams and sketches for art projects. 

BONUS!!! There is a Becoming Sophia Creative Arts digital journal for your journey this year!


When you log in there is a Welcome! page to orient the monthly vlogs/zodiac/prompts , and where you can download the Becoming Sophia journal-comes with 50 pages in an 8.5 x 11 format.

• Can I join anytime?   -Yes!

How much does it cost?

Joining our Sophia Creative Arts community is FREE! and we're believers in the power of giving back. We understand that everyone's financial situation is different, so there's no fixed price.


We suggest a donation of $20 to $50 per month. Give whatever feels okay  for you.  

suggested donation $20-$50 a month
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