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We can use Creative Arts as a Path of Knowledge. When an issue in our life arises, we can take that into our creative practice, and keep working it out in different artistic media.

As we go through the days, pondering our "issue" we can add our dream practice to incubate a dream, gather information at night, and we wake up in the morning we discover our "story" continues, deepening, changing, transforming, shifting, sorting and revealing new aspects. We use our creative writing, to keep our inquiry into our story, adding all the tools possible to open/reveal/disclose/ our "issue."

This hour long podcast is about a personal story that happened to me when I was at JFK University in the Master's Transformational Arts & Consciousness program, when I was told, "Women had not contributed to the SPIRITUAL IN MODERN ART UNTIL THE 1960'S."

As an activist and teacher of women's wisdom, this was like showing the Red FLAG to a bull. I dropped my integrated self, and set out to prove the "male" teacher wrong. I discovered he had been saying the same thing in every class since it's inception.

Enjoy the podcast, we have had over 125 downloads this week since it went live. It seems to be a favorite.


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