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Meditation-How to maintain Balance as a spiritual Practice?

We all know ourselves pretty well, don't we? Or do we?

Over the temple of Apollo at Delphi was the inscription, "Know Thyself."

This has been the foundation of all mystery centers throughout time. What does it really mean? How can we really and Truly know ourselves? We are a conglomeration of beliefs, behaviors and cultural ideas as well as repressed dreams and un-lived lives.

We are born with so much natural creativity that can slowly over time, troubles and trip-ups take us down side roads to dry deserts and wastelands. There really is nothing worse than a dried up well of creativity. Start where you are. Small creative steps. Start a dream practice. Dreamwork can bring significant and enormous gifts from The Other Side.

Today's vlog is on the Virtue of Balance becomes Progress. Anytime we take hold of ourselves and identify one habit we would like to transform or dissolve, we change our soul vibration, and this promotes health and over time can heal our chakras...that may be a leap but mindfulness meditations have proven to be health giving for thousands of years. This leads to clarification of our soul forces and can heal our body-mind-spirit. Today we start with a Balance meditation to try in some situations to remain nuetral and not be swayed by sympathy or antipathy. Equilibrium between opposites = freedom.

Happy Sunday vlog!