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Staying Home? Online Class Healing Collage Mixed Media & More!

Staying Home? Healing Our Body an Online  Dreams, Inner-Work, Creative Writing Art Journaling Mixed Media Collage Art Class with Kristena West M.A. 

The entire world is focused on Staying Healthy! So whatever the story version you believe, we are at home now for a month, 6 weeks or more? So let's focus on our health, our choices and our healing our bodies. 

1. Let's do a Sacred check-in with Self/Soul/Body where am I at? Where do I want to be? Biography. 2.  Learn basic Dreamwork - and receive a dream of healing or information 3. Let's look at Foods, Choices and patterns of eating. 

4. What am I Thinking? We do know now, our thoughts create behavior patterns, that can develop into - addictions.  5. Art Journaling putting it all down 6.  Develop Personal Rituals of Healing 7. Creative Art Collage Project