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SHE NEEDED A HERO so that is what she Became

We are cast adrift, in the Covid sea, so many of us alone more than we ever have been before in our lives. So if we are looking outside ourselves for a hero or heroine... they are not 'out there." We are the heroines of our own lives. And keeping a dream-art journal can be a real gift to your soul at this time. This new piece is dream-art journaling technique, I use to tell myself a story. A story life is dreaming me. Sometimes I know what is going on, and sometimes the art reveals a hidden secret. Dreaming is one of the most easily available ancient techniques of acquiring spiritual wisdom known to us. Dreamwork serves the soul, turning it toward the light, toward health, wholeness, and individual destiny in alliance with our spiritual nature. Developing your personal dreamwork is a natural way to begin or to augment any spiritual practice.

Dreaming has long been the doorway through which artists, creatives, healers, thinkers, inventors, and philosophers have ventured to Other Realities, and brought back gifts for our earth. You can use applied dreamwork as a way to gather information on your personal life, guidance in life path, for insight and direction, and to uncover creative abilities.

Applied dreamwork as a spiritual path will present you with all the challenges that a truly profound teacher or adept would, including adventures, tasks to complete, challenges, tests, and the work of consciously integrating the shadow. Dreams can bring much need guidance when we feel all interior channels are closed. For instance, when you experience a dark night of the soul, having done everything you could to help yourself, your dreamwork provides the possibility of a healing dream or divine intervention.

People who apply themselves to their dreams in a spiritual context will begin to have more advanced dream guidance, tests and adventures. As you progress and successfully complete tasks and tests given to you in your life and dream events, you can be initiated into realms of spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and power to be used in the service of our community and the earth. Excerpt from my book, Alchemy; The Magical Arts of the Union of Soul© Inner Work for Women & Men© Enjoy this time and put it to a creative use - learn something new.

Bye for now my friends-Kristena