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Daily Devotions Memories Living on a Scent

Daily Devotions Memories Living on a Scent by kristena west April 20, 2018 today is Friday, the day I get up early, get all the shipping out, drop off at post office and go swimming...afterwards I float on my back in the jacuzzi with the jets off, gazing up at the blue sky and scudding white cotton ball clouds weaving through the palm fronds...

then I drive out to Green Star coffee to pick up my organic brew and as I was opening the door,


there, that scent.....

suddenly I was hurtled back to country roads, summer days and horses...the clip clop of hoofed shoes, wading a creek, eating a sandwich in the shade of the trees on mossy banks as she clipped the sedge, rolling the bit on her tongue

open air barns filled with hay bales, the smell of alfalfa and oats, the sweet scent of warm horses, rubbing liniment oil and hoof picks...

brushing her, and blowing softly up her nostrils.....back and forth, breathing together

then the tug of the opening door pulled me through and with years of memories sifting by.... captured by those days....the lovely young man looks up awaiting my order


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