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Well, this is wonderful. It is wonderful for a variety of reasons. I place a variety of interest on this very theme that you are engaged in painting. It is such a profound theme. I, as you, worked my way through the theme of the Velveteen Rabbit and expand upon the entire scope of the theme you are meditating on. It is a wonder how we approach things. Here is a quote, from just a tiny fragment of how this shared theme is lifted into vivid concentration. QUOTE - "The Transformation of the Earth Itself through LOVE

“…the feelings of loss experienced by the Rabbit are actually a

consequence of his love for the Boy, a love that pines and despairs at the

prospect of permanent separation. The appearance of the Fairy, in its

turn, is actually a consequence of the Boy’s love since, according to the

Fairy’s own account, she only takes “care of all the playthings that

[children] have loved”. Love, therefore, and particularly the fate

of love when confronted by loss, is the concern that is privileged in the

interaction between the Fairy and the Rabbit.”

"On the Boundaries of the Natural world and the Spiritual World there is the active event world of the Elemental Beings themselves. These Elemental Beings serve Nature, Gardening and the task of transforming the Earth into Love Itself. This intangible LOVE is what the next phase of Earth Evolution will be made of.

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