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Calling Your Soul Back Home

Join this community for an immersive experience to Call Your Soul Back Home an online Class with Kristena West whose been doing soul retrieval healing since early 90's. Soul retrieval is a shamanic healing. Shamanism is a results oriented form of spiritual healing dating back 40,000 years. It is medicine of the Soul, for the Soul. 

Soul Loss which is recognized psychologically, physically,  and emotionally in realms of somatic healing. 


As shamanic healing addresses the wounds of the soul directly it is a very powerful tool within our contemporary culture for healing numerous illness and emotional trauma such as: depression and anxiety, low self-esteem, abuse, addictions, relationship or career questions, and blocked creativity.


Problems like these occur due to soul loss, and soul retrieval healing unblocks life energy, reclaiming our personal power to release our potential to create the life we long for. We want to be all we can be, to give our gifts to the world, right?


Power Animal Retrieval 

Many people today want to paint their spirit animal, and having an authentic  animal retrieval reveal their personal totem that brings help.

The Animal totems are revered in both indigenous and religious traditions and are the primary story-tellers within the Creation Myths.

These totemic spirits, or ANIMAL ANGELS, as Plato called them, have mysterious and magical powers to help humanity. Everyone has a totem spirit that guards and works with them.

POWER Animals address the issues of power in our lives--what situations we give our power away and why, and where we need power. They teach us what authentic power is, and how to use power effectively.

They gift us with health, protection, good luck, animal allies are particularly interested in helping us align to our true purpose while re-connecting us to the the earth and her people.




  • Identify issues you want to transform

  • Write Story; Collage Journal 

  • Learn How & Receive Your Power Animal Helper

  • Recall Your Soul

  • Create Your Medicine Bundle

  • Heal Yourself! 

Soul Retrieval Healing 

Our wounds are where we got diverted from our life path and we cannot manifest.

We have all been through some form of trauma, it's time to release the story.



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Soul Retrieval Integration Ritual


LEARN how to create a Integration and RITUAL that anchors  healing into the body while enhancing creativity in a ceremonial context. Soul Retrieval can release a profound amount of creative energy, it must be directed in positive, creative, life EMPOWERING ways.

When we go into sacred space and enact our ritual, claiming our intention to HEAL.  

There are limited spaces to book a healing session


  • book a session for healing work

  • Zoom or send email list of issues you want help with 

  • be still at the time of healing work

  • a podcast of journeywork, healing and ritual work will be sent via email

  • receive a medicine bundle from healer to put on altar


 a HEALING SESSION ©kwest 2020

This work is not bounded by the constraints of either time or space. For this reason, long distance healing can be as effective as an inperson healing. The compassionate spirits are willing to work on your behalf no matter where you are at the time. For them, place and time are irrelevant. We, as humans, may have difficulty acknowledging the power of long distance work. For that reason, the spirits have given me a set of guidelines to prepare you:



Core wounding will disassociate soul essence, leaving a hole in the etheric soul field. This hole creates a space for distress or "dis-ease" to take hold. Soul retrieval healing brings back the vital essence filling up our etheric sheath with inherent power.


Soul Retrieval Case Studies 
excerpts from Alchemy book ©kwest 2020

Client: Laura

She suffered from severe monthly cramps; which would completely incapacitate her---so much so that occasionally she would be hospitalized. This had gone on for seven years, she came to dread her monthly cycle. She lost work and had lost jobs because of it. She had exhausted the services of the western medical profession. She had undergone every test, had her body probed, blood tested, now, they wanted to do surgery.

I could not guarantee that a soul retrieval would help with her chronic physical menstrual problems. But she was facing an operation and had looked into the alternative health field to see if it might give her some relief or alternate suggestion other than the invasiveness of surgery.

We did the soul retrieval work. The soul parts that came back did not seem to have any correlation to "sexual" or "women's issues." 

Four months later I received a call from Lisa saying she has not re-experienced monthly menstrual cramps. It was if she had never suffered from them!


Soul Retrieval Integration Arts case study
The importance of sacred art used in the healing process cannot be overstated  as Art is the first form of connection with the divine


Client: Joy
Issue: Joy's issue were manifold-she had been sexually molested and beaten as a child by her father. Both her parents were alcoholics, divorced when she was fifteen. Her mother's successive string of lovers came on to Joy. She left home at seventeen. She distrusted both men and women. She acted out in her sexual life-she dressed very provocatively and could not stop flirting with men-drawing to herself sexually abusive men. The pattern was-the men would leave her and she began to the cycle over. She had problems with weight which she handled with bulimia. 

Her soul retrieval brought back a few aspects-the main one left at the first molest at age two and half. Her integration rituals were to collage the negative aspects of her family life and to burn it. Then she was to create a new collage-the healthy life and lover that she dreamed of and hang it on her wall. For the collage she could paint, draw or cut photos from magazines.

When Joy began the first ritual of creating the "negative family" she spent all day on the floor of her living room painting, drawing, and collaging "the family from hell." She alternately wept with grief, hit pillows and tore images in righteous anger, and dropped into the transformational ritual of expressive arts. Then late that night cleansed in spirit she called on her helping spirits to release her from this old pattern of family violence and sexual abuse. She torched the 3'x4' collage in her fireplace and began to dance...

Joy waited a month to give her a time to integrate her release, then she started the second part of her ritual. She collected pictures of great beauty, sacred sexual gods and goddesses and photos of men and women in love and happy.

To her surprise, she told me later, her body was flooded with peace and serenity as she painted, cut and pasted and created her sacred relationship model.


Joy's life changed as she started to do personal development work and by taking adult education classes. She had stopped her bulimic episodes. She also opted to continue her shamanic work with ongoing shamanic counseling. Because of her enthusiastic response to art she enrolled in art classes.

By the end of the year Joy was dating a healthier type of  men and her walls were covered in bright whimsical paintings. She was in no hurry to focus on a single relationship-she was in a process of discovering her authentic needs by dating but not leaping into sexual relationships.



Soul Retrieval & Inner Work -case study

Client Lee

During one of the Alchemy class cycles, I had a dream of seeing a student, whom I'll call Lee, with an old rusty ax buried deep into his heart. As spiritual practitioner I receive dreams telling me about my clients, and I have learned to trust and work with them. The the dream showed me that Lee had an old wound regarding matters of the heart, and since he was walking around in the dream, it implied that he had learned to live with it.

On meeting with Lee privately I asked him if I could share my dream content. He readily assented, and I told him what had visited me. When I was finished with the dream I asked him if he had any knowledge of who might have sunk that ax into his heart. Although he typically shared to a deep level in group (we were working on shadow material in intimate relationships in the men’s class), it wasn't until this dream event that he shared his original love wound.

• He related that sixteen years ago he was completely in love with a girl whom he felt was "The One." He had planned to marry her. But shortly into the relationship, she dropped him for a homeless man. This doubly devastated him, affecting him on both emotional and physical levels. He lost weight and the will to work, his self-esteem plummeted, and he fell ill. He underwent "the dark night of the soul" and promised himself that he would never be hurt like that again. And he never had been since then; he always left his relationships any time the subject of marriage or commitment came up.

He had never connected his noncommittal behavior in relationships to that initial wounding. Considering the message within my dream provided a revelation to him. That is not where the work ended, however. From a shamanic view the dream was not only for information but also for showing me that he had a spiritual wound in his heart. It appeared to me as an ax, but that was just a symbol of a spiritual intrusion in his heart region. He was willing for me to do a shamanic extraction process and pull the "ax" out of his chest. We decided to do this at the end of the group cycle, when the men's and women's groups got together to cocreate healing ceremonies between the masculine and feminine principles.

The ax also signified that Lee had suffered soul loss due to the trauma that happened to him sixteen years ago. For his healing ceremony, I asked Lee to bring an ax to the weekend retreat. By creating a symbolic ritual forum for Lee's unconscious to open up in this allowed him to move past his rational mind and to receive the healing. We waited until the end of the day, after the sharing and other ceremonies, when the energy was very charged with love and healing. At that time I shared my dream, and Lee shared his heart-wound story with the group. The group agreed to support him by drumming for the healing ceremony as I did the extraction process.

I carefully tucked the ax deep in his left armpit and told him to go back to that time of betrayal with his beloved. I told him not to let go of the ax until he was ready to let her go as well. His face was wide open and tears shimmered in his eyes. The drummers started a monotonous beat and I called in my healing spirits. I pulled on the ax until suddenly it came free. Lee jerked off the ground and started to weep uncontrollably. I gave him a soul retrieval and brought his soul essence back to him.

A soul retrieval fills one up with one's own spiritual essence, and then illness cannot take hold. For follow-up work, I instructed Lee to literally bury the hatchet, do a healing forgiveness ceremony, and take personal responsibility for stopping particular behaviors with women, which had become a compulsive way of relating. Since that retreat, he has been in a committed relationship for years and reports that he is working on their connection and intimacy in creative ways.

Sacred Art of Dreaming-case study

Issue-- Prophetic dream of client: I awoke with a disturbing dream of my client, who I will call Susan, with whom I had an appointment that Tuesday morning. I dreamt, "She was killed in a car accident, on a trip to France. I was hovering above the accident and to the side, I saw she was wearing a red dress, in the front seat with seat belt on--dead. I had to journey to the land of the dead to find her. The dream changed and I said to her ex-husband who had come to see me, "I just saw her last week." "

These precise details--the red dress, trip to France and the statement, "I just saw her last week" places it in time and underlines the importance or criticalness of the information. I work with all my dreams literally first. When I met with Susan, I told her I had a dream of her and asked if she wanted to hear it. She said, yes.

I told her the entire dream without editing...when I got to the part of "I saw you with your head laying against the steering wheel with the seat belt on wearing a red dress, and you were dead." When I got the that part of the dream my body did a full-body blow with what I call truth bumps, which tell me spirits are around. She held out her arms and she was covered with them too.

Susan related after the dream sharing: She was booked on a flight to Germany via Paris (with an opportunity for a few days there), leaving town in two days, on Thursday evening. She tells me that two or three days previous to our meeting, she had a surge of extreme nausea and when she "checked in" with herself she got the clear directive "Not to leave town." Although she knew this had to do with canceling her flight to Europe, she had bought the ticket 6 months ago etc. and would lose the money of the plane fair. She told me another syncronicity--she was in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and got a quick vision of seeing herself dead from a traffic accident. This, she related, "Never happens to me." She had the distinct impression to leave Los Angeles and come home -which she did.

We all know how difficult it is to listen to that still small voice within us. But, the final piece for her was she had just bought a new red dress for her trip to Europe!! We used our time together for her to process her feelings about her intuition and my dream. We did shamanic work together and she realized that she was given plenty of interior and clear warning herself, but because of her strong will and ordinary reality details and pressures-no refund, telling her friends she was not coming, et. all, she was just ignoring the "advisory committee."

There are many variables contained within that dream--we did not do alot of psychological metaphorical interpretations--but since her body was telling her the same information, my dream came as added confirmation. This kind of information is volatile and needs to be handled extremely delicately. As a shamanic practitioner and a Dreamer I am required to share the dream with integrity and without instilling fear into the client. To frame it in such a way that it is held in a sacred vessel-but without dramatizing it, and to give the client the space to make up their own mind, through their own inner work.


Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval will bring back the disassociated soul essence that has been lost due to problematic life circumstances or trauma. Soul retrieval can bring back vitality, joy, creativity and help with:
Chronic illness or health issues
abuse issues; physical, sexual or emotional abuse
additive patterns; habitual behaviors that limit creative life change
depression and anxiety
Ongoing sense of something missing or not feeling yourself
Overcoming blocks to achieving desired goals
Anger and grief
Bad Luck, Accidents

Acute trauma; automobile accidents, surgery, death or divorce of loved ones
Actualization of life purpose
repetitive power issues; weak or overdeveloped boundaries
habitual bad luck or accidents
Lack of connection to earth
Lack of connection to body or healthy sense of self


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Soul Retrieval Integration Ritual

Image by Bailey Burton

Naomi M.

I was in WomanSpirit and Kristena's work changed my life direction, and strengthened my self esteem to finish grad school and thrive in my life. I loved the art work combined with mindfullness practices. 

Image by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona

Kimball J.

Coaching with Kristena was the deepest work I have ever done. Inner Work is now my life path and connection to my heart and spirit. 

Image by Christina @

 Dr. Laurie K.

I am a psychiatrist and run a mental health department. I was frankly amazed at Kristena's ability to hold the group and the deep psychological grounding that comes naturally to her. I have worked with all the "Names" in the Consciousness movement and Kristena is a hidden jewel- work with her.