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Becoming Sophia
June -Gemini

perseverance becomes faithfulness

Welcome Creatives! 

To the beginning of this new bold journey dedicated to aligning with our own Wisdom and creating the life of our dreams. 

Each  month we start with a Zodiac Sign and it corresponding Virtue. Let's dive in: June is Gemini the Twins.

The virtue or strength of Gemini is Perseverance becomes Faithfulness.

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One of the easiest ways to work with virtues, is to look at definition of persistance; perseverance, tenacity, determination, resolve, resolution, resoluteness, staying power, purposefulness, firmness of purpose, patience, endurance, application, diligence, sedulousness, dedication, commitment, doggedness, persistency, pertinacity, assiduity, assiduousness, steadfastness, tirelessness, indefatigability, stamina; intransigence, obstinacy;  informal stickability.

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 A Hero is one who can hold on one minute longer

- Novalis

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The opposite of Perseverance is Procrastination, dithering, delaying tactics, dilatoriness, stalling, temporizing, hesitation, vacillation; British humming and hawing; informal dilly-dallying, shilly-shallying; US informal kicking the can down the road.

We all recognize the Not Doing of procrastination. If we do not do the Thing we dream of, the goal we have set ourselves, if we just can put it off for another day like Scarlett O'Hara=we have achieved our purpose. We have not put our idea, our goal, our book, our painting, our jewelry, our song, ourselveves out into the world.  We are safe


What is Faithfullness?

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I have been using Rudolf Steiner's 5 basic exercises for years. A group of us met for 3.5 years 15 minutes a day to choose one of the 6 meditations; control of thoughts, control of actions, patience and tenacity, tolerance, faith, and equanimity. The 6 basic exercises are inspired by the Buddhas 8-fold path. These are daily mindfulness practices that help align our emotions, thoughts and actions - all three thinking, feeling & willing need cultivation. 

Lets pick one that aligns with Perseverance  we will choose  "control of Actions or Will" as in relation to an active determined will or a lack of will. A lack of will or laziness is another word for one of the seven deadly "sins" Sloth. 

We all procrastinate we know the UGh! of not-doing, shilly shallying, putting off, tomorrow is another day as Scarlett proclaims....  this can be fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of winning, achieving, completing, and moving forward, expanding and accomplishing, becoming a leader or facilitator. 

As an art teacher working with hundreds of students Procrastination can go by various terms     
•imposter syndrome  •perfectionist  •dreamer •fear of failure
•fear of change •laziness •queen of delays •too many ideas 

The Virtue is Perseverance become faithfulness. How many super stars, psychotherapists, revered authors, actors have shared the heart break of failure? And what do they go on to add?
I learned So Much from MY FAILURES! 

One of my jobs as an creative arts instructor is to listen to what the students ARE NOT SAYING! It's the unsaid, or unsayable thing that stops all creatives in their tracks, like a deer in the headlights. 

This listening technique I developed over thousands of hours, over years of sitting in circles, groups,'s another technique from Rudolf Steiner.
It's been the most important 6 basic exercises practice that over time supports the Heart chakra and allows one to sense into another truth. Or to say it another ays, TO WAKE UP IN THE OTHER.

Another technique Steiner gives us, as mentioned before, is an esoteric exercise while listening to someone, to practice not having sympathy or antipathy towards the person or events discussed. To not immediately jump to our opinion and hold it while the person is talking.

If we can attain neutrality or equanimity, this leaves our interior space free or empty, so that the “truth” can arise within us. This can take years to develop but it’s fun to try when listening, and if you are in a lot of groups or meetings and practice this technique, it will birth over time a sense of the person that is not revealed verbally.  This is of heart gift is used in the service of the world.



No. 2 - Perseverance

CONTROL OF ACTIONS - WILLNo. 2 - The Control of Will
Choose a simple action to perform each day at a time you select. It should be something you do not ordinarily do; it can even be a little odd. Then make it a duty to perform this action at that time each day.


Rudolf Steiner gives the example of watering a flower each day at a certain time. As you progress, additional tasks can be added at other times.

This exercise sounds very simple but try it every day at the same time (if possible like after waking up) takes a focused intention to complete. To start you might you think of an important appointment - you do not want to be late. It can be helpful to mark your success or failure on the calendar each day. If you completely forget at the time, but remember later, do it then and try to do better the next day.

These practices build a somatic and spiritual muscle that strengthens our chakras gradually and safely. And like all things that are worth it, we build this spirtual muscle gradually. 

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How do Becoming Sophia Creative Arts members  Meet?
-online classroom& private Facebook group  


• Can Men also Join Becoming Sophia?

-YES! ABSOLUTELY! Becoming Sophia is the journey to align with YOUR internal wisdom- it's not gender specific Women & Men are welcome!

In the 90's - Kristena's women's group was called WOMANSPIRIT and the men's group was called JOURNEY TO THE SACRED MALE.  


• Can I log in from Australia? And from Europe when I am traveling?
-Yes! Each Monthly Zodiac & Virtue is pre-recorded & posted once a month with Weekly art, writing & dream prompts.  

• What do I need for art supplies? 
-What you have around the house-a childs watercolor set, pens, pencils & markers paper, and a journal to write down your ah-Hahs! and dreams and sketches for art projects. 

BONUS!!! There is a Becoming Sophia Creative Arts digital journal for your journey this year!


When you log in there is a Welcome! page to orient the monthly vlogs/zodiac/prompts , and where you can download the Becoming Sophia journal-comes with 50 pages in an 8.5 x 11 format.

• Can I join anytime?   -Yes!

How much does it cost?

Joining our Sophia Creative Arts community is donation based from $5 monthy to $20! and we're believers in the power of giving back. We understand that everyone's financial situation is different we have created a plan that is flexible.



We suggest a donation of $20 to $50 per month. Give whatever feels okay  for you.  

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