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learn how to create the art of your dreams and allow your dreams to inform your art 

Kristena West teaches methods from over 40 years of transformative arts and shamanic techniques to inspire your inner artist that is longing to get more creative! 


 Creating Art 

If we want to make a piece to express some strong emotions or to say the unsayable, art is the flexible, moldable, movable, carve-able, additive or subtractive medium. And within that medium are hundreds of forms, including paper, wood, canvas, altars, cloth, music, dance, theater, sculpture and sound.

People create art for many different reasons. If we want to invoke a feeling of divinity within the viewer, we will use images, symbols, gestures, colors to invite that experience.

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Meet Kristena West M.A.

A life long artist, dreamer and community arts instructor Kristena is a teacher of men and women's groups. She is passionate about igniting creativity, self-discovery and  sharing wisdom, tools and sacred practices to so you can choose a healthy more creative lifestyle.


Kristena teaches regularly online,  the techniques and practices she developed in  WomanSpirit and Journey to the Sacred Male classes,  to empower personal development and build healthy self-esteem. She offers  creativity and life purpose coaching,  working with clients around the world. A Dream Teacher, a practicing shaman for more than two decades, and a student of Western mystery wisdom traditions, she is a writer with two books published; Alchemy a shamanic workbook and Olaf Asteson.

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