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Earth Art Festivals 

 Earth Art Festivals Class
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Working with the Earth Festivals Artistically  

Earth Art Festivals are a way to try to stay in attunement with the yearly round. We love to hike in nature, to contemplate sunsets and to travel. We long to connect with the natural world, especially now with constant news updates we can seek more ways to reconnect to the natural world. 

Artists have always paid attention to the rhythms of life, and the natural world. We have countless paintings of landscapes, trees, flowers.  Many artists paint the same place through the shifting seasons. 

But there is a entire troupe of compatriots who also paint the Earth Festivals artistically. I have been doing it for years, and created an online group and we have created throughout the last two years. The above video was September 2018, and we focused on Michael, the archangel who guards the  turning into Fall.


Everyone is welcome to work on whatever spiritual or nature connection they want to celebrate. In this online art class- a working creative endeavor - we each work on our own and create one or two pieces honoring Earth Festivals.   At summer solstice we have pagans, Buddhists, Christians, wiccan's and shamans.




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