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I am an artist, teacher and mentor of sacred & shamanic arts. I have spent a life-time supporting folks to ignite their creative spirit and explore cross-cultural traditions.

I work with women who are searching to give their life more meaning,  explore  spiritual traditions, life path and gifts to realize their potential. 

 Kristena West M.A. 


an Artists Life


Join our gathering of women exploring, discovering and practicing exciting artistic media, creative writing in dream journals, and learning from sacred cross-cultural sacred traditions.  

Medicine Women Lodge Membership


Do you want to authentically find your true power animal? Then join this class to learn the shamanic journey and learn the ancient sacred path of shamanic cosmology and learn about power animals, totem spirits and allies. You will also create an art piece with your power animal. 

Power Animal Retrieval & Art online class


Working with the chackra system in a book arts project is a wonderful way we can as artists become the investigator in our personal biography, as we document our transformation and healing journey. 

Healing the Chackras 
online class


Take our Fun Mixed Media self-study online ARt class. Let's Find Frida Together! Exploring this Women's Icon let's find out why Frida is World Beloved by creating Frida Art!

Finding Frida Kahlo
online class


Once Upon a Time the Fairy Tale as My Heroine's Journey. It's like going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry taking Creative Writing, Painting, Collage & More!

Heroine's Journey
online class


Join my Facebook An Artist's Life Community!

Learn creative arts & soul work: support, share, fun & freedom.

Calling All Artists
& Seekers!

Who am I Becoming?

What am I Passionate About?

What do I Want to do?

Will it be Worthwhile?

Will it benefit myself & Others? 

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